Hello everyone,

As of this moment I am pleased to announce that Staff Applications are now completely reopened. The format that is suppose to be followed when filling out a Staff Application has undertaken a few adjustments and there has been a few questions added. Along with the opening of Staff Applications, I am pleased to announce the opening of Builder Applications, Youtuber Applications, and Manager Applications. All of these are now located here on the website under the Applications section in the forums. I would like to encourage each and everyone of you to apply for whatever your heart may desire. Please spend some time when filling out these applications as we are expecting quite a lot of them so we will only be accepting the best of the best. I am confident that anyone can achieve any rank they desire as long as effort is put behind the applications. As always I wish you all the best of luck, and happy writing!

Also, In order to post on the forums you need to first, create an account on the website as well as verify your account through the email you provided when creating the account.

Hi, Welcome to the MythicalPvP forums page. Here you can find help from all of our staff members including the owners and the manager. If you need additional help you can join our Discord. The server is still developing however in the #annoucement section you can apply for Beta-tester and join the server to play skyblock before other members can. This is a great way to test out things for us and get to know the community.

You can find here Application for staff, Q & A, Report bugs, General Discussion, server suggestions, and ban appeals.